Introduction To An ESA - Easy Guide

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An emotional Support Animal or ESA is referred to as an animal that provides emotional support to a person who has some mental or emotional disability. 

An ESA can only be prescribed to an individual by a mental health professional dealing with the case. ESA prescription is written on the ESA letter of that medical professional. 



Such animals can help people fight against mental or emotional disorders like depression, stress, and anxiety. It also helps a person to fight against any depressive symptoms. 

Getting an ESA has been a taboo for a long time, and people do not believe that animals can pass on the right, positive, and comforting vibes in an environment. 

But now everything has changed with time, and the concept of ESA is flourishing across the world. 

How can an Emotional Support Animal help a Person?

There are some people who go through different mental conditions and need professional severe medical help. It is observed that such persons suffer from a condition due to loneliness and stress.

These two are the main reasons behind any emotional breakdown. To fight against such circumstances, ESA can help a lot.

Some people find animals, their best friends anyway. So living with an ESA is proved to be great therapy.

What Kind of Animal can be an ESA?

An ESA is supposed to help a person emotionally. As far as choosing an ESA is concerned, any reasonable animal can be taken in as an emotional support animal.

While choosing an ESA, the comfort level of a person with a particular animal is kept in mind. It is observed that if the animal is able to help a person or not. 

Still, there are some limitations and regulations regarding the selection of such animals. Some people love to pet exotic animals and insects, and they get good vibes from being around them.

Such exotic animals are not allowed in the category of an ESA. For an ESA, it is necessary to be presentable in public and well behaved.

Think for yourself that how can you make an alligator or a huge tarantula behave well in public?

Certification of An ESA

An ESA is treated differently from other pet animals. They have different laws and rules than any other animal. A person can carry it around in places where no other pets are allowed.

To get eligible for all the laws and benefits, the animal has to be registered officially as an ESA. 

Luckily the certification procedure is effortless as far as you are actually in need of an ESA.

If your mental health specialist gives an emotional support dog letter of recommendation for an ESA, you just have to submit it in the authorized office. 

Difference Between ESA and a Service Animal

Many people get confused between emotional support animals and service animals. Though there is a significant difference between the categories, people still fail to understand the concept.

A service animal is supposed to assist people with physical disabilities. They are trained for a particular task. Service animals have relatively more rights than an emotional support animal. 

An ESA, on the other hand, is not trained particularly for a job. They are much like pet animals and are just supposed to give company to a person.

Best Emotional Support Animal

There are many animals that can be a good option for an ESA. It depends on the preference of the person who is looking for such an animal. 

Generally, it is believed that the kind of emotional help an ESA dog can provide can make no other animal. 

There are so many species of dogs that can be considered for ESA. The dog itself is a human loving animal and also a proven best pet. So if a person is looking for an ESA, a dog should be on top of the priority list. 

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